Game Log #1 ’07


3:30 South Junior High  9th grade girls ‘A’ East vs. South

Game 1 of 2Official Mark MunchI was really nervous at first getting ready and waiting for the game to get ready since Mark was not there.  I was ready to quit if my first game was going to be by myself.  Mark got their right as the game was ready to start.  During the game I did struggle with a few things.

  • Loud Whistle
  • Loud Voice
  • “hiding behind whistle” dropping my whistle after making a call
  • chopping the clock on inbounds
  • in bounding mechanics

At half time Mark worked with me about dropping my whistle and getting louder.  This game was very sloppy and poor basketball and I struggled with what to call and what to let go.  I probably let to much go.  By the end of the game I no longer wanted to quit and I was ready for the second game….I felt alright…


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