Game Log #2 ’07

11-14-2007Game #2 9th grade boys ‘A’ South vs. EastOfficial Mark MunchFocus-

  • Loud Whistle
  • Loud Voice
  • Drop Whistle
  • In bounding

The first half of this game went really well I thought.  The level of play was much better then the first game and I felt like my officiating went up with the play.  I found myself second guessing myself and not making calls.  Mark had to carry me a lot.  At the end of the half I had called 2 fouls and 2 or 3 violations.  Mark had called everything else.  I was leaving him out on the edge to call it all.  Halftime things to work on

  • Find a foul
  • Have confidence with a foul
  • Drop the F*&$ Whistle (I am grabbing the whistle out of my mouth after blowing it) I think this is a habit because I carry my whistle in hand in soccer.
  • Chopping the clock

In the second half I called a few more fouls but still not enough.  I did do a better job about chopping the clock.  Once I did I felt more professional about it and that seemed to matter (I felt the same in soccer with machnics when I started)  I still struggle with the whistle.  I did have a loud voice and loud whitle through this game.  I did manage to crack my whistle between my teeth (God Damn; You think I was nervous).  I realized that in this game the kids are looking for control from us as officals I needed to take that control.

Over all you could tell this was my second game but I still felt good about it.  I no longer want to quit and I want to get a few more games under my belt.


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