Turkey week in review

Alright last week was a odd week I ref’d basketball two nights last week and then hit the road for the holiday and didn’t get a chance to update this blog.  Here is the first night…

Nov. 19th two games girls’ c team. 

Many of the girls it was their first year ever playing basketball and probably their first time playing team sports….This was ugly basketball.  There is no other way to put it…..I worked with a younger guy who was probably about 20 years old.  He called a really good game.  We never seemed to communicate that well but it wasn’t that needed in a game like this….We made it to the second half with out calling much besides violations but then the fouls seem to increase in the second half of the first game….In game number two it was more or less much of the same….Pre-game I asked my partner what the timeouts were for this league (my first time working this league) he simply looked at me funny….Well you guessed it both games ended without a timeout even being called…In the first game my first three whistles were weak…but they got better as the game went on…Things to work on out the evening

  • loud whistle
  • control the game
  • go find a foul
  • more eye contact with my partner…

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