Update for Nov 20th

Ok this was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  I worked two games with Craig at south Junior High. 

Game #1- South 9th JV vs West 9th JV (Girls)This was a sloppy game.  It was not as bad as the 8th grade c teams but it was still low quality…I worked well with Craig I thought.  We had a really productive pre-game meeting..  We had strong communication in the game I thought.  The first game had a running clock but 8 periods of 5 minutes.  I still focused on my mechanic of chopping the clock ect.  My whistle was loud in this game I thought……There is one rule that I thought sucked in this JV game….No full court press it your up by 10 points…..The players don’t know what the score is….What a pain… 

Game #2

Ok we have the Varsity now and this was a much cleaner game.  Craig and I let a lot go I thought through out this game…The West coach was working me from the get go. In the second half he wanted calls for everything but I wasn’t going to start calling things that I let go in the first half…During a timeout the coach came up to me and said “That’s not a foul there when she is driving to the basket?”  I simply made eye contact and shook my head no….he said what “what do you mean.”  I said “I didn’t see it.”  He yelled back “You have to see it….” I simply said thanks coach and patted him on the shoulder to let him know we were done…He walked away and left me alone the rest of the game…I really think he wanted to intimidate me and realized he hadn’t so he moved on.  His team was down by 20+ points left at this point in the 4th quarter… 


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