Working with my assignor

Well I worked last night two girls basketball games at East Junior High with Wayne the leagues assignor…It was really interesting to work with an older official…We more or less had zero pre-game other then me telling him I was rookie and working on all…I asked him for any help he could give me. 

Wayne would call a foul and report the foul from where he was standing…The score keeper struggled at first understanding what # the foul was on.  She also struggled understanding when there was a jump ball.  I did a decent job I thought through both games.  I really tried to work on my mechanics through both games.  I had loud whistles through both games and loud voice.  I also seemed to over come me swallowing my whistle. 

Wayne was extremely helpful to me through both games with tips and tricks.  I did kick on call in the first game on a back court call I handed the ball on the sideline to girl about 4 feet in the front court.  She tossed it into the backcourt to her player.  I called back court….opps.I did break my whistle between my teeth during this game….I need to relax….


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