Tournament to remember

Well two weeks ago we had a large tournament here in Boise and I got to work a great crew for the weekend.  There was about 200 teams in town on about 22 fields over the weekend.  Typically here you get assigned various games over the weekend with several different crews.  BUT I was assigned 7 games on the weekend with the same crew the whole weekend. It was great.  Two of us were lower level 8’s and we worked with a 5 all weekend that is on top of his game.  It was great because we built on one game to the next.  We also got the chance to talk through each game and give and get feedback. 

The learning potential in this environment at a tournament is unlimited I thought.  It also allowed us to get to know each other a lot more.  By the second day it was jokes and laughs which simply makes it more fun. 

Things we worked on.

-Goal kick positioning

-Crisp signals

-Communication on the field with players.



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