3 games last weekend

I did three games last Saturday.  Two regular club games and one recreational game.  I started out with the two club games with another good official who gave me good feedback.  We had two U15 girls games that were poor games from the standpoint of blow outs.  One game was 8-0 and one was 5-1 but not close at all.

I then went a few fields way to my U14 boys rec. game.  The level of game and athletes quickly went down but so did their cares.  There was very little complaining.  I did find though in a U14 boys rec games lends it’s self to players coming in out of control.  I tried to nip this early but I still had two players that I knew would come in out of control in contested balls.  I talked to both of them twice but it never got to the point where I felt a card would help. 

I did have one call that wish I had back after that game.  Both the defender and the forward were banging a little but nothing to big.  Well as going along they both banged and the defender went to the ground.  I almost hit my whistle but I thought to my self that it was no different then anything they had been doing all the way down the field to each other.  I was trying to be consistent but I think I missed one that I should have blown.  Well I guess there goes one more game by without calling a perfect game

Tonight I have a U15 boys game.  It promises to be windy and possible rain.  We will see how it goes. 


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