2 Yellows and a lot of wind

Well last night turned out to be about 20-25 mph winds on a field that just sat right there asking for the wind…I had U14 boys with the a little on the line for first place in the brackets (I was told after the game).  Well this was a somewhat heated game that got a little more chippy as it went on. 

20 minutes into the game I handed out the first of 2 yellows.  I had only hit my whistle 3 or 4 times at this point but the same player had something to say about each time.  After the third comment I gave him a serious look and simply said “That’s enough, I don’t need your comments”.  A few minutes later he was trying to get to a ball that was quickly rolling towards the keeper.  He thought a defender was obstructing him.  The defender had knocked the ball back to the keeper and the player in question started to clime over the defender trying to get to the ball (Not that serious so there was no call made)…He quickly turned to me and said “that is obstruction, pull you head out.”  I hit my whistle and went right to the yellow card. 

I view the yellow card as one of my many tools to use to control a game.  It is simply a tool just like my whistle, my voice or even my legs to put me in view.  Well this use of the tool did work.  I didn’t hear another word from that player the rest of the game and he also played a clean game from that point forward.

The second yellow card was just silly.  I had to players battling for a ball directly in front of me.  I was no more then 15 feet off the play. (I had actually caught myself to close to the play and I was trying to figure out how to get out but I had to decide who was going to win the battle to decide where the ball was going next)  Needless to say the both had a hand full of Jersey trying to win the ball.  I simply said “Both, hands down…”.  They both knew now that I was right on top of the play.  Player A won the ball and quickly distributed the ball away and then turned and with two hands shoved player B in the chest and puffed out his chest at him.  Player B knew I was right there and just threw his hands up in the air in inocents.  I hit the whistle and quickly pulled the Yellow.  What a silly way to pick up a yellow though.  He knew I was on top of the play and wouldn’t miss the push.  There simply was no way to miss the push and the entire crowd didn’t miss it either.  (Do they ever miss it).

Well the game ended up 1-0 with the wind being the factor in the one goal scored.  Well now I have paperwork to fill out but I felt both cards were earned.

One more game tonight and then I am taking the weekend off before another large tournament next week.


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