Sportsmanship and lessons

So the other night I was working a game that ended up 1-0.  On the goal a hard shot was taken from 20 yards out.  The keeper slapped the ball down rather then catching it.  In this process he didn’t slap it directly down and then catch it, instead he miss hit it and it hit the ground about 4-5 feet in front of him.  A player who ended up being at the right place at the right time poked the ball into the goal.  My AR instantly sprinted up the line and I signaled goal….

As I was writing down the goal and the ball was being retrieved from the net a player (U14 Boy) says to me “You have to be kidding, the keeper touched it, he can’t kick once the keeper gets it.”  I simply explained the keeper must have control of the ball and he clearly didn’t have control.  I could tell the player didn’t accept my response but he didn’t say anything else.  He was a little chippy the rest of the game asking for calls. 

At the end I blew my whistle for the end of the game.  The player said something to me as he ran past me but I couldn’t tell what it was he said.  It could have been $#%$ or good game, I simply couldn’t tell.  As my AR’s and my self shook hands with everyone he shook both my AR’s hands but pulled away and refused to shake.  I simply said nothing and let the lines disperse.  I grabbed the game cards and walked over to his coach who was standing next to the player in question and gave the coach his cards.  I then turned to the player and stuck out my hand and said, “Hey man, it’s sportsmanship lets at least shake.”  He looked at his coach and then back at me and said “Nope I can’t, you cost us 1st place.”  I said alright you will grow up one of these days and walked off. 

The kid is 14 years old and I understand he was simply frustrated and not sure how to control his emotions at that moment.  I will give him credit that he was really mad at me and at least kept his mouth shut and didn’t say anything.  BUT what I was surprised about was his coach not saying anything to him when he refused to shake my hand a second time.  That coach has a responsibility to teach this kid about sportsmanship and simply being an adult. 


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One Response to “Sportsmanship and lessons”

  1. John Says:

    Nothing good can come from post game handshakes. Hate to sound cynical but it’s just asking for trouble.

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