Uneventful tournament…..

Well this weekend here in Boise was the Les Bois soccer tournament.  It was celebrating it’s 27th year.  I remember playing as a young U12 in this tournament.  It use to be one of the biggest tournament around.  But the past few years this tournament has fallen off.  I heard they were minus 40 teams this year from last year….That is huge….

Well it showed in the number of games passed out this weekend.  I only got 4 games for the tournament.  Many of the officials were complaining about their game count and how spread out their games were.  I saw a couple of officials I know from Utah there and I only hoped they had a decent game count to pay for the trip. 

I really shouldn’t complain though I did get to work the U16 girls championship game.  This wasn’t the greatest game though.  There was at least 80/20 posession by the team that ended up winning 3-0.  The game was not that physical really. 

I did get to work with a national candidate….It is fun to work with an official that really is on top of his game.  I am not really being bias either just because he is a national candidate.  This guy worked the field as good as I have seen.  He did not command any attention but he was right on top of the play just before things “almost” got chippy every time.  Every tight call he was in a great position to call.  There is something to be learned every time you get a chance to work a game with a crew in this category.

Outside of this the tournament lack much excitment. 

Well I am heading a couple hours down next Sunday to work three games at a tournament.  I am excited to go….


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