Overtime Championship

So yesterday I got up at 5:30 in the morning and drove about 2 hours south to go work a tournament.  I didn’t go down for Saturday like many other officials in my area did because my little sis was getting married. 

I ended up working 4 games all which were very tight games.  The first one was a semi-final game that went right to kicks if tied…..Sure enough we went to kicks….The next two games where 3-2 and 2-1.  That makes for a decently exciting day so far. 

I had the U14 girls championship game with one AR highly experienced and the second one a 17 year old first year 8.  Rules going into the game are two 35 min. halves with two 10 min. overtime periods then to PK’s.  5 min half and five min. between game and overtime.  Now a couple things to keep in mind here.  It was about 94 degrees yesterday (the hottest day of the year so far).  The players were not ready for the heat. 

First half- Very chippy with the calls going 60/40 against one team that is simply playing a little more aggressive.  With 10 minutes left in first half we had a player cross the ball right from the end line.  From my spot it appeared on the line but not over.  I instantly made eye contact with my AR (the highly experienced one) who was signaling nothing with his flag and inbounds with his other hand.  The keeper stopped tracking the ball and raised her hand as if the ball was out and yelled at me “OUT OF BOUNDS”.  Again no signal from my AR with the flag.  The ball was crossed for an easy one touch into the goal since the keeper was out of position.  My AR turned and sprinted up the line.  I signaled goal.  One team excited one team yelling at me….

Second half-  Very tight play.  Things got physical with my calls going up as the game wore on.  Both teams got tired and started playing long ball a little more, which lead to me wishing I would have had a cliff bar before this game.  I actually felt like I need a little more juice in this game.  Well sure enough with 7 minutes to go in this 1-0 game a player sends a cross in to the box and the defender clearly sticks her hand out and stops the cross.  The player was about 15 feet inside the 18.  My AR signaled with his flag and I hit my whistle…(It was great that we both had the call).  I pointed to pk spot.  No one argued….They hit the PK with ease. 

Sure enough on to overtime.  I explained to both sets of captains and coaches the format and that at the end of the first period I was going to give about a one minute time to run to the sideline for water.  (The heat was really showing on the girls, better to a little safe).  The overtime was really uneventful, I had 2 calls in the 20 minutes, I think both teams were to tired to hit each other.  The defense was really tired on both ends and would just send long balls out of the back field. 

As a crew we handled the PK’s great I thought.  We were all on the same page and knew exactly what we needed to do.  Our signals with each other were dead on.  The kicks ended up going 5-3.  Great game, but I was dead afterwards….


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One Response to “Overtime Championship”

  1. Kevin Walter Says:

    From your description, it sounds like the miscreant who earned her opponents the Penalty Kick that tied the game in regulation committed the sending-off offense of DOGSO-H. If my interpretation is correct, I hope you showed her some nice red plastic!

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