Chivas vs Who?

So my first international professional match is in the books, but not without a couple issues along with a few uHHHHHH’s…..

So it was the Deportivo Guadalajara (more commonly know as Chivas) from Mexico vs. Magic United…..(it was advertised Chivas vs Monarcas morelia but it was not Morelia).  This was actually Chivas reserve squad which was doing a game Friday here in Boise, Saturday in Portland OR and Sunday in Seattle WA. 

Chivas worked this Magic team over and the end score was 6-0 with little effort on Chivas part.  There were several interesting things that did happen though.

  • Magic United coach tried talking us into not playing soccer and into something else before the game started: If we give a red that player is off the field but they can sub him…..This would take away a large portion of the punishment behind a team getting issued a red…..We did not agree.  Our center stood up to this very well.
  • We found out about an hour before the game it was no USSF certified game….uhhhh this is an issue…
  • I got my first taste of cheesy game promoter…. shortly after talking to him I felt like I needed a shower…
  • We had to have VIP bracelet’s to get into the game (I guess the Yellow shirt doesn’t work for them, and if we would have lost this bracelet and couldn’t get in who would have worked the game for them?)  And yes the gate actually checked….
  • We had to delay the start of the second half to wait for the mechanical bull to be moved off of the field from the half time show.  This was a first for me…

Otherwise the game was great.  There was really some great soccer on the field and the game was very fast paced.  I focused like no other and I thought I did OK.  I wish I had done a couple things different but over all I think I did alright.  My center was great and helped us through the game.


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One Response to “Chivas vs Who?”

  1. adam84 Says:

    Yeah, Chivas vs. Who indeed. Who are the Magic? Are they like a semi-pro team or a USL team? Anyway, to answer your question, the match is on Wednesday at 4pm Eastern and will be shown on ESPN2 and ESPN360.

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