State Cup assignment is in….

Here in Idaho they are running State Cup different from the past.  Typically State Cup is Memorial Day weekend and that is it.  This year they had the first rounds of State up in Northern Idaho and the Semi-finals and finals here in Boise this coming weekend. 

Well I had that game last weekend and more things to do around the house then I can count so I didn’t make the 8 hour trip up north to work State Cup.  But I did sign up for this weekend. 

I got two semi-final games on Saturday.  I have one of the U14 boys games and one of the U18 girls games.  This should be interesting.  I am not sure how good the U18 girls game is going to be or not.  I have a feeling it will be tight though.  The U14 boys game I don’t have much faith in it being close. 

Unfortunately I had to take myself out of the 12:00 and 2:00 championship game pool on Sunday because of a memorial service I need to attend Sunday afternoon.  With this said I still got the U14 boys Championship game as AR1.  My friend who I use to coach with Ross has the center.  I believe this will be his first state championship center.  I will update you on my game on Monday…….


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