State Cup weekend….

This weekend was semi-finals and finals for State here in Idaho.  The competition was watered down a great deal this year since region IV decided to put regionals’ in Hawaii again this year.  The cost associated regionals’ and travel to Hawaii for an entire team keep several of the larger traditional state championship clubs out of the tournament.  They simply decided to take there team to 2 or 3 larger showcases for the same money.  Needless to say this was the weakest State Cup I can ever remember for Idaho. 

With that said I had a blast as an official this weekend.  I got assessments (unofficial) from every game I worked this weekend which ended up being 4 games instead of 3 games.  Many officials were lucky to get 2 games.  I worked the 2 U18 games including championship along with U17 boys semi and U14 boys semi. 

I worked with high quality crews all weekend minus one AR who I worked with twice who didn’t live up to my expectations.  I was told just before the game he had just received a high assessment for moving towards his 7.  I don’t get it…He is AR 2 on both games and never even showed subs, that is after 3 different mentions of it that I heard from centers and assessors to him.  Beside this one guy though everyone else was top notch.  I worked with a couple buddies which is always fun.

I also got assessed by 2 national referee’s.  (Well one national and one national candidate.)  You can’t buy this type of feed back in my mind.  They were great to me. I will post some of the comments later and look for some advice from the readers here on them.

I will post more this week about State and specific situations but over all I thought it was great to be referee at this tournament……


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