Watching a game with a nation referee

So an old buddy of my mine from my college days who is now a National Referee was at State Cup this weekend mostly doing assessments and working a couple games.  I had explained to him during the referee meeting Friday night that I would like to sit with an assessor this weekend and listen to what they are watching for.  Sure enought he found me and grabbed me to head to an assessment he was about to do.

The referee that we were watching was a 5 and his better days of refereeing have passed him I would guess.  He was running on a bum knee and was probably 25-30 lbs over weight for the job he had in front of him.  It feels harsh to mention this here but these are a few of the very first comments mentioned as we sat down to the game. 

Things genereally mentioned:

  • The center is slow and struggling to keep up at times. (U14 girls)
  • Being a 5 and doing a U14 girls game he should look like Superman
  • He is positioning himself in a spot that he is not fast enough to recover from. 
  • “He is setting himself up on corners from instruction that came out 20 years ago.”  (he would position himself along the goal line)
  • “His AR has 5 or six earring in, she should have those out.”
  • “Look that player is checking in with jewelry, none of them will notice….but how do you card her for it when your AR has on more jewelry.”
  • Minute 41: He is out of energy and this game is half over with it only 1-0, he might be in trouble. (6 minutes into second half)

(keep in mind he was a state referee)

I learned a lot about positioning sitting with him.  It made me feel good about somethings I have been doing and makes me want to quickly fix a few things in my game. 


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