Rapids vs FC Dallas

Well I sat down and watched the recording from the game yesterday.  Marcela Balboa was the color commentator for the game.  In the 20th minute he went off for a good 30+ seconds about why referee’s have to wait to call offsides.  He took the stance that it is silly for them to wait.  They should throw the flag right away….This guy played for ever on the national team then he went on to be on the U20 coaching staff and here he is making ignorant comments about the refereeing and their timing of raising the flag on offsides……


He did hammer the referee later in 2nd half for calling a goal kick also…..I cant defend the official here it was clear at normal speed that it went off of the defender and it showed up perfect in the replay. 


One other comment about this game which I will come back to later this week in another blog…..the 4th official (Abiodun Okulaja) was on his game (good considering “the week in review” has focused on the bench the last couple of weeks)…..Denver’s coach Fernando Clavijo was all over A1 Craig Lowry about an offsides match and before you know it Okulaja was right in there making sure he handled the coach.  This was great to see on tape. 


Did you see the game….what did you think???


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3 Responses to “Rapids vs FC Dallas”

  1. Allen Says:

    IIRC had one or two offsides called against him where the AR hesitated to raise the flag even though Oduro was making a move for the ball right off the bat. I know they should wait and not assume a player in an offside position will attempt to play the ball. But I’m pretty sure Oduro had one if not two where right from the get go he was going for it and the AR still waited.

    Speaking of Oduro, I’d be curious how a player at the pro level gets 5 offside calls and doesn’t get booked for persistent infringement.

  2. isualum Says:

    I am not sure persistent infringement would be the direction I would go with it….Consider the other cards given in the game, would that be consistent with the other cards…

    I always like to keep in mind on my cards how is this card helping the game.

    I actually have never heard of persisten infringement given for offsides but I did sent this question over to “ask a soccer referee”. It usually will be a week or so before I get the answer…I will blog it when I get the answer…

  3. CSR Says:

    I think you would be hard-pressed to justify a caution for PI if the only offenses are offside infringements. Indeed, from USSF’s Week 9 “Lessons Learned” they discuss PI thusly – “To disrupt play and ruin the entertainment value of a game, players persistently/repeatedly foul opponents. Such conduct often causes the frustration level of opponents to rise and, therefore, the intensity level of the game to increase. This can lead to dissent and retaliation. Recognizing players who persistently/repeatedly foul opponents is critical to game control. ”
    The offending player is not fouling opponents in such a way to disrupt play and ruin the entertainment value of the match. Nor do his infringements cause the frustration level of his opponents to rise and therefore raise the intensity of the game. I’ve never seen retaliation for a player repeatedly being whistled for offside infringements and I’ve never seen this result in game control issues.

    To be sure, the guidance later goes on to say – “There is no magic number of fouls that define persistence. The severity, the frequency, the time between the fouls committed, and the atmosphere of the game are all factors that the referee should consider when determining whether a player is guilty of persistent infringement.” Considering offside is one of the least severe of any foul and a player generally needs quite a bit of time to be whistled for several offside infringements, I can’t imagine a scenario where showing the yellow card for PI makes sense if the only infringements involved are offside.

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