ODP Camp

Well I am officially signed up for the Region IV Boys ODP camp here in a couple weeks….I am actually going to go the week of the 4th.  I will have the 94 boys.  They take 15 referee’s for the week and you work as a class or group through out the week.  You typically work 2-3 games a day with class room work and field work also.  The day looks like this….

7am breakfast

8am class room

10am field work

12 lunch

1 game

3 game

5 dinner

7 invitational game

9 game debrief

10 bed…..ahhhhh

I guess the inv. game every night will be worked by a crew hand selected from their work in the earlier games.  Every one else will watch from the stands and do assessments.  At 9 then as a group we will break the game down….

Well I am excited and a little nervous.  Region IV assignor will be working this camp also.  I had to get my SRA signature to attend and I got that in last week.

Well I am sure this blog will get interesting that week or at least the week afterwards.  I plan to blog it out day by day…My goal is to A) learn a ton B) not hurt myself…


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