So No ODP for me…

Well as the dates got closer for ODP camp we were trying to coordinate the camp picking me up at the airport somehow the wheels feel off and it went the other direction for me. 

Last week I was working with the referee coordinator to schedule my arrival and pick up from the Portland airport.  The camp was to start today the 1st.  So I planned on getting in about 5pm the night before.  When I sent this over to her she bocked and wanted to know why I wouldn’t just come in on the 1st.  I said well I had scheduled everthing that way so I would be there as I had mentioned a month earlier in an email prior to buying and arranging my travel. 

Here is the responce I got….”The van has been scheduled to pick people up on the 1st only.  You can either book a hotel for one night and be picked up on the 1st or if you really want to be picked up on the 30th I can do that but you would need to pay for the gas (it’s about 65 miles round trip from the college to the airport area and back).” 

I guess I was struggling to swallow this (and a little pissed off when I got this email back) considering I was voluenteering for this, taking a weeks vacation from work along with missing my family on the 4th. In my mind the least you could do is pick up the guy at the airport who had to buy his flight to the event at least. I am sure they ment well by it but it didn’t seem the correct way to handle a voluenteer who was paying for his own way to a camp and taking time away from his family and work.  

I didn’t respond right away and decided to wait until the next morning.  Well sure enough the next morning my boss (at my real job) called me in and had an opportunity for me to take on a great project (one he knew I would want to be on).  It was not only offered for me to work on it but to also lead it.  Whats the catch.  I had to be in California on the 2nd and 3rd, right in the middle of ODP. 

Well this typically would be a hard decision for me but this time it was not.  I was feeling like I was being treated like the turd on the bottom of someones shoe from ODP and I had a great oppurnity for my career.  I emailed the coordinator back that I was unable to make it.  Since then through a few sources I have heard they had the spot filled quickly with someone who was local and wanted that spot from the beging. 

It is not my style to back out of something but I didn’t lose any sleep over this.  So now I have a few extra days vacation to use up and will work US Club Regionals now instead this weekend here in Boise. 


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