Working US Club Regionals

ReffWell I was suppose to be out of town until today for Region IV ODP but the trip was not to be and instead I had to work.  US Club Regionals ‘G’ were being hosted here in Boise Idaho from the 4th -8th.  I had originally signed up for just the 7th and 8th with limited games because I thought I would be coming off of a long ODP week.  Well instead I ended calling the assignor and getting 2 extra games on Saturday as well.  So here is the take so far….

Welcome Meeting: 7:30 on the 4thof July….Let me just say how damn unhappy my wife was with me on this one….Once she found out I was going to be in town she had big plans for a nice BBQ.  Well those got flushed right away….I picked up my assignments at the meeting.  Saturday the 5th 2 AR’s at 4pm (U15 Girls) and 5:30pm (U14 Girls).  Robby Burnett and Jim Wolfe also gave a presentation on being prepared for summer tournaments.  Their PowerPoint presentation didn’t play nicely with the MAC that was on site so the wing most of the presentation.  It was good though….

Saturday-I showed up at actually about 2:30 and watched part of a game before heading over to meet up with my crew.  I worked with another Idaho  referee from across the state and another guy from Utah that I have seen at plenty of Idaho tournaments.  Good crew with a great game.  We had one team from Tacoma WA area and the other from Spokane WA area.  Surprisingly these two teams had only seen each other once before this year.  I was given the parents side and for some reason the parents were more obnoxious then normal.  This game went scoreless the first half with Tacoma coming out and scoring about 45 seconds into the second.  Well it looked like this game would stay the same.  With about 3 minutes left in the game Spokane realized they were about to lose and started playing with urgency.  With 8 seconds left on my watch they hit a far post bender from 20 yards out to tie the game up.  They kicked off and the center blew his whistle….Great game…

The next game was two Seattle area teams banging it out.  Rather slow paced and lower quality for U14 I thought.  One parent said one team lost in WA state finals last year.  I found it hard to believe.  This game ended 2-0 with very little excitement.  The center was another Boise referee who is actually heading into his senior year of high school but is a great referee.  He just returned from HI regionals.  The other AR was from California and was not interested in doing the game.  He made it to the corner flag exactly zero times…

Well no games on Sunday for me but I have 3 today.  2 centers (12 boys and U15 girls) and 1 AR (U14 girls).  This should be alright.  The temperature is suppose to be about 90.  I will update tonight or tomorrow morning…


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One Response to “Working US Club Regionals”

  1. CSR Says:

    I think you bring up an important point – we need to remember and be mindful of the sacrifices made by our families which allow us to do what we love.

    Hope to hear about Sunday 🙂

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