US Club Regionals My 2nd day

As I said in my last post I didnt have big plans on working this tournament but my schedule opened up and I was lucky enought to get some games.  I had two games on Saturday, no games on Sunday and 2 scheduled games on Monday.  Before I left the meeting Friday night I had been reassigned to a third game on Monday also at noon which meant a little vacation time (I have some extra vaction time now that I didn’t kill a week of it at ODP.)  The day looked like this 12- U15 Girls Center, 4- U14 Girls AR 5:30-U12 Boys Center. Not a bad day……

U15 Girls-  (Les Bois from Boise vs Crossfire from Seattle) This is two large highly competitive clubs.  Both of these teams have had their fair share of state championship games in their states.  In the pregame though both coaches made it sound like dumb mistakes the first day were keeping both teams from advancing and they were ready for the tournament to just end.  The game was very calm for the most part.  It ended up 1-1 with some great ball control.  I had two players taking pop shots at each other with elbows in the last minute and half.  I simply told both to knock it off and decided a card wouldn’t help the game at this point in the match, although I could have defended giving a card just as easy.  My AR gave me 2 peices of advice after the game.  1. I called a hand ball that he felt would have been a good no call.  He said he was told by an assesor that you never call a handball ever again you will get 90% of them correct….hmmm interesting concept I thought.  2. That I was running to hard.  I need to anticipate the play more and lay off the long runs to the corner.  I had two players that were banging each tme they went 1v1 and it typically ended up in the corner (my corner, not my AR’s) so I would pull myself deep on those runs.  Good advice though and something to store away in my head.

Well I got back to the tent with my game card and they need me to step in on a U17 boys AR1 spot at 2pm.  I would be working with a State referee from Utah and a State Referee from Idaho (who also is my high school scheduler).  This was Crossfire U17 boys from Seattle vs Eastside from Portland OR.  This game decided who would go to championship.  This alone brought out the college scouts.  There were at least 15 scouts sitting along the edges and in the corners.  Crossfire dominated the game with at least 70% possesion and 8-1 shot difference but they still lost 2-1.  The quote of the day came from the Crossfire coach whos bench I was infront of the whole time.  In his heavy english accent he says to a player on the bench…..”Life comes easy for you, if you came from a poor family you would understand that you need to work harder and be a better player on the field….”  Ahh the life of the rich club player…

Well I will follow up with the rest of the day which only got better in my next post but I do need to run for now.


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