Part two- The evening…..

I came off of the U17 game a little tired and in need of water and more sun screen.  (This is a great time to remind all of you to put on the sun screen).  I was heading to work a U14 girls semi-final game as an AR.  I was working with two Boise officials who I had worked with before.  Let’s start with the other AR.  He and I have a good friendly relationship and enjoy giving each other a hard time.  He was wearing his LONG sleeve yellow and simply stated he didn’t care what color we were wearing but he was wearing his long sleeve since his arms were totally sun burnt.  Well the center was slide onto our game when the other center was a no show.  They asked me if I wanted the center spot or would I like to work with a newer official that could really use some time in the middle of the field with two good AR’s.  Hey I was tired and all for working as my schedule was already set up for.  Well this newer official only had a yellow short sleeve with the old strips.  I switched to the old strips short sleeve and the other AR stayed in his long sleeve looking silly. (Oh don’t worry, I told him several times he looked like a fool). 

This U14 girl’s game turned out to be the worst game of the year for me.  Both team not only couldn’t find the goal I am still confident they didn’t know there were goals…This turned out to not be the “super division”, which explained to me why they were willing to put a inexperienced center on the game.  The play was so low I struggled staying focused…One team from Seattle area and the other from Tacoma area.  Both were weak.  So needless to say the game ended regulation with the score being 0-0.  The only excitement was the center giving a yellow for a soft air collision with the keeper on a corner kick.  He waited at least 3-4 minutes to give the yellow, granted this whole time the medical staff was on the field and the parents were giving him hell.  At half we asked about it and he said he wouldn’t have given the card if the keeper had stayed in the game so that is why he waited……I asked did you see the collision? His response, “yeah I think so”…..I simply said “Cards have to be “I know it was this” and once that training staff is on the field get out of there and give your card.  Personally I wouldn’t have given a card they both were straight up in the air with the keeper stretched out above her head and the player just going up for the ball.  If anything the keeper came into the other player’s space for the ball.  We didn’t discuss the foul selection only just the confidence the image that was given with the time line on the yellow. 

Well we went on to two 10 minute overtime and a shootout.  The team that should have won the game did win the shootout to move on. 

Game #4

My U12 boys game started late on the same field.  My AR’s for this game were both very green.  I had them run the flip for me while we finished out the shootout from the previous game.  As they handed me the game card which I had passed to them for the coin flip they had forgot who had won and who was going which direction…..Of course they hadn’t written it down on the game card.  I was so damn tired that I didn’t even question this with them….It simply told me I was probably doing this game on my own….I blew my whistle to call the teams out and sure enough they walked to their spots with one team waiting for the ball to kick off….Go with the flow baby….

I handed out a yellow card 3 minutes into the game to a U12 boy….This was a personal record.  As the ball was in the air an offensive player who was standing next the keeper hip checked with a little extra forearm the keeper on his butt into the goal.  I blew the play dead and yellow carded him….He didn’t question it at all. 

These guys were rather aggressive for U12 the whole game.  One interesting observation in this game:  One team from Spokane had a player with only one arm.  This was the only player that I never saw get tugged hard or shoved a little.  He passed out his fair share of punishment to others but it was never returned….Guys would simply give him his space. 

Game ended up 3-0 with little excitement outside of the obnoxious coaches from the winning team.  They were hammering me with 5 minutes left up 3-0.  I put myself close enough to their bench so the head coach could hear me without many other hearing.  As we waited for a keeper to retrieve a long out of bounds ball I turned and explained, “You’re up 3-0, if you’re excited about coaching in championship now would be the time to quite your bench area.”  I didn’t hear another sound from them….

DONE for the weekend…No championship games because I have to actually work on Tuesday morning….It was a great tournament with great fields.  They had to beg US Club to provide water for us and we were dreaming if we thought we would get food.  I heard that San Bernardino one of the other west coast regioinal locations didn’t get any water and the temperature was over 100.  I would have walked I were there….


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