Sun valley

So i promised forever ago to post about my tournament in Sun Valley…So lets start with why I haven’t posted…..Well I have basically two weeks off this year from refereeing since now soccer is rolling right into basketball this fall and vise verse in the spring.  So I took my two weeks off.  I also took a little vacation with my wife to celebrate our 10 year anniversary…It was great but I am not sure about your work but mine is always crazy when ever I am trying to get vacation time and so I have been working like mad around my vacation time. 

Well lets start with the trip there.  6 of us meet at Dean’s house (Dean is a national referee here in Boise who has been the ref. crew leader for this tournament for the last 20 years but is passing it off this year). The 6 of us jumped in my SUV and head out.  Before we made it to the freeway I was crying I was laughing so hard at the jokes there were flying…..

We got there and hooked up with the 3 officials form the other side of the state for dinner and a quick meeting.  We discussed how this tournament was different then others with the players.  First off it is a “beer league adult tournament” as it was put me.  The players are going to have plenty of descent.  Feel free to give crap back to them but leave your cards in pocket unless it is for hard play on the field.  We planned on covering all games with 3 man crews, which meant all of us were going to have a lot of games.  We were put up in a condo by the tournament.  We got to the condo to see it was for sell.  2600 sft condo along the whitetail ski resort, asking price 1.6 million.  Let me know if your interested. 

Lets mention the crew for a minute. Robbie national candidate from Boise, who is taking over the lead position for the ref crew at this tournament from Dean moving forward.  Jim should be applying for national candidate this next year.  Mark national referee. Drew and Jason both 7’s moving to 6 this next year.  Chris a 7, and Ethan an 8 and more importantly only 18 (couldn’t drink with us) who saved us when we had a late cancel. 

The next morning we all went down to breakfast together where Robbie () broke out our schedule to us.  Yep I had 6 games day one.  4 AR’s and 2 centers. 

First game with about 10 minutes in I was told to pull my head out of my ass and watch the game by a goalkeeper.  typically this would have been an issue but not at this tournament.  I simply replied that if he could make a save we wouldn’t have to have this conversation….It shut him up quickly.  Each game there was more of this but all in good nature.  The last game of the day was what is called the “Beer Game”.  There were a few kegs of beer at the fields now and a big BBQ going on while the last game was going on.  Everyone from the tournament was there watching the game with beer in hand heckling and having fun.  This was actually my first game off for the day (11 hours after I started) but since I was rookie I was responsible for making sure fresh beers were there for the crew as soon as they stepped off the field at the end.  It was the end of a outstanding day.

That night we went out for a great steak dinner and a few drinks.  I was dehydrated so I naturally attempted to combat this with lots off beer.  it didn’t work out but I was still doing good.  Sunday morning I was sore but found out at breakfast I only had to cover 3 games including one of the two championships.  Well we got off the field about 4pm that afternoon and decided to head over to “Grumpys” for a burger before hitting the road.  Well the ladies host team was there and stood up and gave us a stand ovation as we walked in.  (How damn cool is that.)  Next thing we knew they had beers in front of all us to shotgun with them.  They were really cool and had nothing but praise for us.  I have never finished a weekend of refereeing feeling so damn good. 

What a good time…..


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