Bad night….

So I had a girls game last night at one of the local high private schools here in town that happens to be 4A.  (everything else in town is 5A with the other 4A schools being on the smaller towns around the area.  I have only work 5A games so far this year except for one 4A boys game which is a decent rivalry so it was a bang bang game and I had my hands full at different times. 

It was a odd game.  I will start with just saying it was not my “A” performance.  I guess it happens every now and then but I just never felt like I was in the grove the whole game.  The local team which is a private high school made up of mostly decent club players from the area.  The visiting team is from a small town about 45 miles away.  The home team wasn’t interested in playing at a fast pace and really wasn’t that interested in going in hard or even bumping and scraping a little.  They pulled out from that for the most part.  The visitors played a little out of control.  They really didn’t mean to hit someone but they did and I would call it.  They would bitch.  I quickly realized about 6 minutes into the game the score was already 2-0 for the home team and the foul count was 4-0 against the visitors.  The visitors were out matched and running around out of control.  I had probably 3 to 5 call ratio for the night when we were done and the score ended up 4-0 with the home team playing their bench in the second half. 

I just simply never felt consistent all night long.  The 4A players wanted a call every single bump in the game.  The past two nights before a 5A player only complained that I was stopping the game with my whistle.  I think I felt inconsistent all night just because of the complaining which is odd for me. 

Well I will working on coming back with a strong game on Saturday…I took two nights off in a row since I had been working almost every day for the last two weeks.  After all I need my son to remember who Daddy is….


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