Rec Game

Well as I mentioned yesterday I took a U14 boys rec game last night.  Both teams had 9 players there until about 2 minutes before the game.  I was working with a 15-16 year old AR and the center was probably 22 years old but this was his first season refereeing.  The game was difficult to watch at times but worse was standing on the side with the parents.  If the sentence didn’t include “boot it” or “Nice boot” it was best not to open your mouth as a parent on that sideline. 

Yes this game was worth a grand $10.  BUT it did have two big upsides I decided.  1. I helped out my assignor who was in a pinch and that is always good.  My assignor is the type that remembers that and will help me when I need game count for example.  2. I got to work with new young officials who wanted to learn asked questions.

The center from the moment I walked up to the field was watching everything I did to prep for this game.  he asked for example why I was putting on two watches….His pregame was “do you guys have any questions”…I asked a couple simple questions more or less for my personal understanding of what we had in the center.  He then asked me how I work my pregame.  I explained the level of the game directs the pregame but I covered the basics. 

At half time he wanted to know how it looked.  We discussed a PK he called.  (for the record there was no way any day I would have called this PK but I didn’t bring that part up.)  I explained to him my problem with the PK call was how he called it.  Weak whistle, hesitation, look around, and then kind of pointed at the pk mark.  He basically showed no confidence on his call. I explained he lost the call in the way he called it.  I also mentioned to him to call something in the box he really needed to be in a better spot to call it.  He had no angle an assumed a foul happened when a guy went down.  He was very receptive to the conversation. 

Over all I need to back track a little from what I said yesterday.  I really don’t mind working these games if the intent is to help young officials, hell I might even kick the $10 back into the pool to help these young officials show up with correct uniforms.  What I guess I really have an issue with is the league sending out mass emails riddled with guilt about uncovered games and how officials need to be professional and step up and cover all games.  It’s not the officials fault you don’t pay well…give them a better reason to work these games then just $10.


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