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Garmin Stats

October 6, 2008

Ok here is the stats from my Garmin 405 this past weekend.  Each entery is a half or an overtime period.  You will notice they tend to be longer then 45 min. or 10 min. periods. I use my garmin as my running clock during games and my timex as my start and stop watch with a count down.  The caleries are based on stats I have entered in and the elvation gain and decline.  It should be noted also I am the AR in all 4 games recored here.  I typically run between 2.5-3 miles or more per half. 

Yeah Yeah I am geek for data…

weekend stats

weekend stats


Fitness test

July 29, 2008

Saturday I went through the NISOAfitness testing.  I decided a while back I would like to make the leap to NISOA and see how I can do.  There was a group of us that meet and jumped in a van to travel about 2 hours east to meet up with officials from the other side of the state at the middle point.  The high for the day was 94 which was a record high for the area which we were running at.

 We started the fitness test about 9:45 in the morning with the 12 minute test.  Basics of how it was administered- .25 mile track with every starting at the same point.  Just run laps for 12 minutes.  Your really want at least 6 laps or a mile and half.  I thought this would be easy enough but in the heat on a black track this turned out to be harder then I thought.  I ended up making it past the 6 lap point but hardly. 

Next up we ran two different sprints was a easy 50 yard sprint.  I pushed it hard on this one and put a decent time I felt.  The 2nd sprint was a 200 yard which was a little more difficult and to be honest I was not feeling good by this point.  I put up a great time but now I was worried as to what was to come and what I had left in the tank.  These two tests were added in there for a guy needing a fitness test for USSF I found out later and one of the two guys got hurt on the 200 and was not able to finish….

Next we ran The PRO-40 Test.  This test includes sprinting, side shuffling, backward peddling, and more sprinting.  Over all you covered 80 meters.  It is really a easy test I thought but and this is a big BUT for me I honestly thought I was about to loose my cookies just prior to this test.  Here is how it was described “The Pro-40 Test is run on a four-sided course, ten meters square. You are required to travel all four sides, using sprint, side-step, and back-peddle and side-step, then reverse direction back to the start.”  I put up one of the better times there out of the 15+ referees there that day but I honestly thought if I had tried a little harder I could have knocked 1.5 to 2 more seconds off of that time.

The last two tests were THE BRASILIAN AR 50-METER TEST and the THE 30-METER SHUTTLE.  The 30-meter shuttle is a lot harder then it sounds that stop andrestart is difficult.  On the first half of it your trying to decide what you save for the second half. 

Well it was all done and we headed inside of our 60 question test.  This test is not like USSF tests or even NASO. It didn’t focus on fouls nearly as much as game management such as clock stoppages, substitutions and uniform protocol.  I have never taken the NISOA before but I was glad I had seen plenty of college soccer in my time and been around it.

Needless to say I passed and now I am ready to do a few games this fall.  I am only on the reserve list since it is my first year but we were told to expect to be used a decent amount this up coming year.  I am really looking forward to it. 







So No ODP for me…

July 1, 2008

Well as the dates got closer for ODP camp we were trying to coordinate the camp picking me up at the airport somehow the wheels feel off and it went the other direction for me. 

Last week I was working with the referee coordinator to schedule my arrival and pick up from the Portland airport.  The camp was to start today the 1st.  So I planned on getting in about 5pm the night before.  When I sent this over to her she bocked and wanted to know why I wouldn’t just come in on the 1st.  I said well I had scheduled everthing that way so I would be there as I had mentioned a month earlier in an email prior to buying and arranging my travel. 

Here is the responce I got….”The van has been scheduled to pick people up on the 1st only.  You can either book a hotel for one night and be picked up on the 1st or if you really want to be picked up on the 30th I can do that but you would need to pay for the gas (it’s about 65 miles round trip from the college to the airport area and back).” 

I guess I was struggling to swallow this (and a little pissed off when I got this email back) considering I was voluenteering for this, taking a weeks vacation from work along with missing my family on the 4th. In my mind the least you could do is pick up the guy at the airport who had to buy his flight to the event at least. I am sure they ment well by it but it didn’t seem the correct way to handle a voluenteer who was paying for his own way to a camp and taking time away from his family and work.  

I didn’t respond right away and decided to wait until the next morning.  Well sure enough the next morning my boss (at my real job) called me in and had an opportunity for me to take on a great project (one he knew I would want to be on).  It was not only offered for me to work on it but to also lead it.  Whats the catch.  I had to be in California on the 2nd and 3rd, right in the middle of ODP. 

Well this typically would be a hard decision for me but this time it was not.  I was feeling like I was being treated like the turd on the bottom of someones shoe from ODP and I had a great oppurnity for my career.  I emailed the coordinator back that I was unable to make it.  Since then through a few sources I have heard they had the spot filled quickly with someone who was local and wanted that spot from the beging. 

It is not my style to back out of something but I didn’t lose any sleep over this.  So now I have a few extra days vacation to use up and will work US Club Regionals now instead this weekend here in Boise. 

Payday for Referees

June 24, 2008

Last week I was reading Columbus Soccer Referee (CSR) who is currently working at Regionals is blogging it all week long…He was writing about still waiting on a paycheck from a tournament worked a month ago.  It was ironically close an email I had received saying we would be getting our season paychecks soon since last Wednesday our association treasure was meeting with the president to sign checks.  It got me thinking when was the last league game and why does it take so long….So here are some facts around the timing for my area…

  • Last regular season game was May the 3rd.
  • My last regular season game was May the 1st.
  • We were told in Feb. we would have check before regionals (hopefully long before regionals).
  • Region IV Regionals ended this past Sunday
  • Last Wednesday we were told (and I quote) “For everyone waiting for regular season and State Cup checks, I have been advised that the SWISRA President and Treasurer will be meeting Wednesday evening to sign checks…..For the Fall, we are looking into a new payment system that will get everyone there money much quicker.”
  • The second half was promised for the spring last Dec.
  • As of today the 24th still no check.

So this leads me to ask….How do other area’s handle paying you for regular season games????

PI & Offsides discussion on BigSoccer

June 16, 2008

Big Soccer Forums

and the discussion continues…….There are more interesting points being made over there….

I still think you can’t pull the card…

Offside or not…..

June 5, 2008

So Sunday I was AR 1 on a State Final game for U18 girls.  The two teams were the U18 Les Bois United (LBU)Girls (Several time state champions) vs Kaos (Their first time to the show).  LBU’s coach Steve Lucas is also the women’s head coach for Boise State and is a well respected coach in the WAC.  Lucas approached myself and the center prior to the game and asked us about a set up he planned on running during the game.  He wanted our take on how we would call it…..I am glad he was smart enough to ask ahead instead of working us over during the game….

So here is the play in question:  They knew that Kaos would run an offsides trap on them.  (Kaos actually lived by this offsides trap).  LBU camped a player in the center of the field 5-10 yards offsides.  They would send a through ball from the midfield to the outside to a player running on to the ball from an onside position.  This player would carry the ball to the corner looking to play the ball in towards the 6-12 yard area to the player that was originally offsides but is now either onside by 2 players or behind the ball. 

The center and I both agreed that this was a ligament play and would be not be flagged unless the girl in the offsides position attempted to play the through ball or was still offside when she received the centering ball. 

Kao’s coach went nuts during the game saying that she can’t receive the centered ball because it is still the same play.  We explained to him she pulled herself out of the play by not playing the first ball and was now in an onside position when she played the centered ball.  Kao’s coach didn’t accept this and continued to rant for the next 40 minutes almost to the point of getting run from the game. 

Couple side notes on this:

  • LBU didn’t run this play until the second half when they were up 3-0
  • LBU scored twice directly off of this setup and missed 5+ scoring chances off it.
  • Kao’s coach complained the entire time but never made any coaching adjustments to it. 
  • I did flag the girl in the offsides position 3 times, once for making a move towards the ball and twice for still being offsides when the ball was played back into her.

So what do you guys think…..Is it all one play and she is offsides at any point in the play she is off or did we call it correctly…

Watching a game with a nation referee

June 3, 2008

So an old buddy of my mine from my college days who is now a National Referee was at State Cup this weekend mostly doing assessments and working a couple games.  I had explained to him during the referee meeting Friday night that I would like to sit with an assessor this weekend and listen to what they are watching for.  Sure enought he found me and grabbed me to head to an assessment he was about to do.

The referee that we were watching was a 5 and his better days of refereeing have passed him I would guess.  He was running on a bum knee and was probably 25-30 lbs over weight for the job he had in front of him.  It feels harsh to mention this here but these are a few of the very first comments mentioned as we sat down to the game. 

Things genereally mentioned:

  • The center is slow and struggling to keep up at times. (U14 girls)
  • Being a 5 and doing a U14 girls game he should look like Superman
  • He is positioning himself in a spot that he is not fast enough to recover from. 
  • “He is setting himself up on corners from instruction that came out 20 years ago.”  (he would position himself along the goal line)
  • “His AR has 5 or six earring in, she should have those out.”
  • “Look that player is checking in with jewelry, none of them will notice….but how do you card her for it when your AR has on more jewelry.”
  • Minute 41: He is out of energy and this game is half over with it only 1-0, he might be in trouble. (6 minutes into second half)

(keep in mind he was a state referee)

I learned a lot about positioning sitting with him.  It made me feel good about somethings I have been doing and makes me want to quickly fix a few things in my game. 

State Cup weekend….

June 1, 2008

This weekend was semi-finals and finals for State here in Idaho.  The competition was watered down a great deal this year since region IV decided to put regionals’ in Hawaii again this year.  The cost associated regionals’ and travel to Hawaii for an entire team keep several of the larger traditional state championship clubs out of the tournament.  They simply decided to take there team to 2 or 3 larger showcases for the same money.  Needless to say this was the weakest State Cup I can ever remember for Idaho. 

With that said I had a blast as an official this weekend.  I got assessments (unofficial) from every game I worked this weekend which ended up being 4 games instead of 3 games.  Many officials were lucky to get 2 games.  I worked the 2 U18 games including championship along with U17 boys semi and U14 boys semi. 

I worked with high quality crews all weekend minus one AR who I worked with twice who didn’t live up to my expectations.  I was told just before the game he had just received a high assessment for moving towards his 7.  I don’t get it…He is AR 2 on both games and never even showed subs, that is after 3 different mentions of it that I heard from centers and assessors to him.  Beside this one guy though everyone else was top notch.  I worked with a couple buddies which is always fun.

I also got assessed by 2 national referee’s.  (Well one national and one national candidate.)  You can’t buy this type of feed back in my mind.  They were great to me. I will post some of the comments later and look for some advice from the readers here on them.

I will post more this week about State and specific situations but over all I thought it was great to be referee at this tournament……

State Cup assignment is in….

May 30, 2008

Here in Idaho they are running State Cup different from the past.  Typically State Cup is Memorial Day weekend and that is it.  This year they had the first rounds of State up in Northern Idaho and the Semi-finals and finals here in Boise this coming weekend. 

Well I had that game last weekend and more things to do around the house then I can count so I didn’t make the 8 hour trip up north to work State Cup.  But I did sign up for this weekend. 

I got two semi-final games on Saturday.  I have one of the U14 boys games and one of the U18 girls games.  This should be interesting.  I am not sure how good the U18 girls game is going to be or not.  I have a feeling it will be tight though.  The U14 boys game I don’t have much faith in it being close. 

Unfortunately I had to take myself out of the 12:00 and 2:00 championship game pool on Sunday because of a memorial service I need to attend Sunday afternoon.  With this said I still got the U14 boys Championship game as AR1.  My friend who I use to coach with Ross has the center.  I believe this will be his first state championship center.  I will update you on my game on Monday…….

Chivas vs Who?

May 29, 2008

So my first international professional match is in the books, but not without a couple issues along with a few uHHHHHH’s…..

So it was the Deportivo Guadalajara (more commonly know as Chivas) from Mexico vs. Magic United…..(it was advertised Chivas vs Monarcas morelia but it was not Morelia).  This was actually Chivas reserve squad which was doing a game Friday here in Boise, Saturday in Portland OR and Sunday in Seattle WA. 

Chivas worked this Magic team over and the end score was 6-0 with little effort on Chivas part.  There were several interesting things that did happen though.

  • Magic United coach tried talking us into not playing soccer and into something else before the game started: If we give a red that player is off the field but they can sub him…..This would take away a large portion of the punishment behind a team getting issued a red…..We did not agree.  Our center stood up to this very well.
  • We found out about an hour before the game it was no USSF certified game….uhhhh this is an issue…
  • I got my first taste of cheesy game promoter…. shortly after talking to him I felt like I needed a shower…
  • We had to have VIP bracelet’s to get into the game (I guess the Yellow shirt doesn’t work for them, and if we would have lost this bracelet and couldn’t get in who would have worked the game for them?)  And yes the gate actually checked….
  • We had to delay the start of the second half to wait for the mechanical bull to be moved off of the field from the half time show.  This was a first for me…

Otherwise the game was great.  There was really some great soccer on the field and the game was very fast paced.  I focused like no other and I thought I did OK.  I wish I had done a couple things different but over all I think I did alright.  My center was great and helped us through the game.