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new site

October 17, 2008

Change in site….

So I was an idiot when I started this blog and mistyped the entry and so I ended up with….Notice I missed the ‘s’ in whistle. 

So here is the new site…..

Please rebookmark the site if you enjoy what you read here….


BIG time high school game….

October 7, 2008

What a game I had last night….

I wasn’t suppose to have the game but it all fell into place.  I had blocked my calendar simply because I knew I would be sore from the NCAA games over the weekend.  Well Sunday evening a begging email was sent out requesting us to look at our calendars and see if we could open for Monday night.  I opened up my calendar and sure enough I got assigned the top 5A girls match for the evening.  This game had all kinds of impact on the conference standing heading into the district tournament this weekend. 

Well the game started out on fire.  4 minutes into the game the home teams forward broke through on a ball from over the top.  (Oh crap I had about a 70 yard sprint to stay on top of that play).  Sure enough the defender got ahold of her jersey about 5 yards before the box but the forward was strong enough to pull the defender along.  The defender got the better of the battle about 7 yards later and brought the forward down about 2 yards inside the box.  I went right to the PK spot on a hard blown whistle.  The goalie who is also a young official started pleading that it was outside the box.  The PK was made with easy.  Oh did I mention that I TOTALLY HOSED it though because it was obvious DOGSO and I didn’t even pull a card.  I could have kicked my own ass for that one.  No one complained but I should of had instantly went there.  (it actually hit me about 2 seconds after the PK was shot that I should of gone DOGSO).

About 5 minutes left in the 1st half the home team scored a second goal.  This seemed to calm the game down for a little while.  Well with 15 minutes left in the game there was a simple obstruction call directly in front of the visitors bench against the home team.  The home player kicked the ball away after I just warned her about it.  So I quickly flashed the yellow but that always sucks to flash a yellow as the coach who is 5 feet way is demanding the yellow.  Well this ball was played across the box with the visiting team forward taking a huge push in the back.  I hit my whistle and thank goodness my AR who was really close raised his flag on it as well.  I was about 4 yards inside the box.  They hit the pk with ease.  So yeah now it is 2-1 with both teams scoring off of PK’s. 

The next 15 minutes was a serious pounding match with the visitors pushing every ball forward with long 40 yard clears and the home team really trying to hold possesion deep into the corner.  I ran almost 2 miles in just the last 15 minutes of the half.  I gave out 3 more yellows in the last 15 minutes as well. 

Well it ended 2-1 but it was one of the most challenging games I have had in sometime.  It was also the best game I have had in the center this season. 

nisoa vs. high school

October 2, 2008

So today I have NISOA game for NAIA game at 4pm.  It should take about 2 hours.  My high school assignor schedules me for a 6pm game at a faclity about 2 miles away from the NISOA game.  (it was a great center to have the high school).  I had accepted the NISOA game over a month ago….My high school assignor thinks I will have enough time….I had to explain there is a chance of overtime. 

Well finially I was removed from the game and someone else got the good game.  I am excited about the NISOA run I am about to go into….I have a game tonight, one tomorrow and two on Saturday……Lots of NISOA this weekend.

Well good luck on the field this weekend everyone and have a great time.


Rec Game

September 25, 2008

Well as I mentioned yesterday I took a U14 boys rec game last night.  Both teams had 9 players there until about 2 minutes before the game.  I was working with a 15-16 year old AR and the center was probably 22 years old but this was his first season refereeing.  The game was difficult to watch at times but worse was standing on the side with the parents.  If the sentence didn’t include “boot it” or “Nice boot” it was best not to open your mouth as a parent on that sideline. 

Yes this game was worth a grand $10.  BUT it did have two big upsides I decided.  1. I helped out my assignor who was in a pinch and that is always good.  My assignor is the type that remembers that and will help me when I need game count for example.  2. I got to work with new young officials who wanted to learn asked questions.

The center from the moment I walked up to the field was watching everything I did to prep for this game.  he asked for example why I was putting on two watches….His pregame was “do you guys have any questions”…I asked a couple simple questions more or less for my personal understanding of what we had in the center.  He then asked me how I work my pregame.  I explained the level of the game directs the pregame but I covered the basics. 

At half time he wanted to know how it looked.  We discussed a PK he called.  (for the record there was no way any day I would have called this PK but I didn’t bring that part up.)  I explained to him my problem with the PK call was how he called it.  Weak whistle, hesitation, look around, and then kind of pointed at the pk mark.  He basically showed no confidence on his call. I explained he lost the call in the way he called it.  I also mentioned to him to call something in the box he really needed to be in a better spot to call it.  He had no angle an assumed a foul happened when a guy went down.  He was very receptive to the conversation. 

Over all I need to back track a little from what I said yesterday.  I really don’t mind working these games if the intent is to help young officials, hell I might even kick the $10 back into the pool to help these young officials show up with correct uniforms.  What I guess I really have an issue with is the league sending out mass emails riddled with guilt about uncovered games and how officials need to be professional and step up and cover all games.  It’s not the officials fault you don’t pay well…give them a better reason to work these games then just $10.

Not in it for the money?

September 24, 2008

Alright I know we are not in it for the money …..right?  We are not suppose to care about our pay and if we do, we are just jerks.  Well every now and then it does matter.  It especially matters to my wife…..

Well we get the blast email from the local youth assignor yesterday about how there is not enough referees for toady’s games.  Well I had blocked myself out from high school because I had a meeting going to 5pm for work.  So needless to say I could work one of the youth rec games that starts at 6:30pm as an AR.  I emailed back saying great I will help out.  I get assigned to this game and then realize the pay for this game as AR is $10….

The $10 will hardly cover the gas to get there. This was frustrating.  BUT if I say something I will be the jerk that is in it for the money…The problem is it leaves me weighing if $10 is worth not hanging out with my son for the evening….What do you guys think?

classic bitching

September 18, 2008

Last night I was on the line for a 5A girls game.  Prior to the game we discussed how much one of the coaches likes to bitch and since I was AR1 I was assigned the task of keeping him quite.  (He was not the coach directly behind me so it was a little more difficult. ) 

He was decent through the game standing up and arguing about a corner that was given instead of what he felt was a goal kick.  (The coach was no more then 75 yards away he might of had a good look at it, who knows.)  So with about a minute and half left in the game the coaches team is down 3-0 and looking bad.  One of her players gets hit hard after the ball is gone and the takes a little extra shot while on the ground from the girl that fouled her.  The center lets play go on with a clear advantage but about 10 second later with a dead ball he signals to stop play and goes back and cards the girl that came in late and hard (keep in mind the girl does not play for the coach that loves to complain)  In high school you have to go let the coach for the team that received the card know what the card was for.  The center comes over to do so and and the coach who’s team received the card says nothing just nods in agreement.  The coach that loves to complain and player didn’t get the card stands up and starts to bitch “It is the 90th minute what is the point to that card.  You are a waste of our time.”  The center gives me a look to quite him down.  I turn to the coach and simply say “40 minute halves coach, we are in the 80th minute…”  My center busted up laughing and the coach shut up….

GPS Update.

September 16, 2008

Well in three weeks time and about 20 games ( I would say half AR’s) I have ran logged just over 89 miles with my Garmin 405.  The watch is deadly accurate which surprised the hell out of me.  I tend to forget to put on the HR monitor for some reason.  Probably because I don’t care about my HR in games like I do when I am just out for a run. 

Lets use last night as an example.  I only had one game 4A varsity boys match which went 3-1 so it was close enough.  First half I didn’t wear the HR monitor.  In 41 minutes of play I logged 2.66 miles in the center.  Second half I did wear the HR monitor and average 122 with a high of 160.  I logged 2.45 miles in the second half.  Not bad for a easy 5 miler…

Let me tell you this is a cool tool to have if your a data geek like me.  I have 2 AR’s on Wednesday and 2 more on Thursday (I guess it is my turn to step outside for both games) and then one center on Friday night.  I will update the stats from these games along with screen shots from the garmin software.

Bad night….

September 12, 2008

So I had a girls game last night at one of the local high private schools here in town that happens to be 4A.  (everything else in town is 5A with the other 4A schools being on the smaller towns around the area.  I have only work 5A games so far this year except for one 4A boys game which is a decent rivalry so it was a bang bang game and I had my hands full at different times. 

It was a odd game.  I will start with just saying it was not my “A” performance.  I guess it happens every now and then but I just never felt like I was in the grove the whole game.  The local team which is a private high school made up of mostly decent club players from the area.  The visiting team is from a small town about 45 miles away.  The home team wasn’t interested in playing at a fast pace and really wasn’t that interested in going in hard or even bumping and scraping a little.  They pulled out from that for the most part.  The visitors played a little out of control.  They really didn’t mean to hit someone but they did and I would call it.  They would bitch.  I quickly realized about 6 minutes into the game the score was already 2-0 for the home team and the foul count was 4-0 against the visitors.  The visitors were out matched and running around out of control.  I had probably 3 to 5 call ratio for the night when we were done and the score ended up 4-0 with the home team playing their bench in the second half. 

I just simply never felt consistent all night long.  The 4A players wanted a call every single bump in the game.  The past two nights before a 5A player only complained that I was stopping the game with my whistle.  I think I felt inconsistent all night just because of the complaining which is odd for me. 

Well I will working on coming back with a strong game on Saturday…I took two nights off in a row since I had been working almost every day for the last two weeks.  After all I need my son to remember who Daddy is….

First NCAA game…..

September 3, 2008

I got my first NCAA game a week ago this last Sunday.  I just haven’t had time to write since I went out of town last Thurs through Sun.  (You know when you leave town with two days off it makes the other three days at work more crazy and I had High School games each night, which will have to be another post…)

I have decided that the NCAA, NISOA and it’s schools would not like me writing about specific games by name but I will just touch on a few things about working at that level.  It was a Women’s Div. 1 game with two teams from different conferences (conference games tend to be a little more heated). 

The game was fast but not as fast as I would have thought it was going to be.  The only issue with the game was that they had put about 8 hours worth of water on the field the night before.  The field held up just fine but it was 95 degrees out with the humidity rolling off the grass.  I was soaked by halftime. 

For my first college game I had a good time and learned a little also.  1 thing-  Wear slacks to the game.  You might change in a very small bathroom but wear slacks.

New Toy

September 2, 2008

So as I mentioned in my last post my wife and I celebrate our anniversary and I got the new Garmin 405 forerunner as a gift.  I plan on using it as my second watch during games.  I used it already once in a high school game the other night were we were forced into running a two man system.  (that a story for another post soon to come but lets just say I hate a two man system).  Need less to say in the first blow out JV girls game I covered just under3 miles in the game with a HR high of 152 averaging 121.  In the varsity I hit my HR high 3 minutes into the game of 160 (very quick transition I remember with a long hard sprint, she was quicker then I gave her credit for).  I averaged 125 with a high of 138 in the second half (game was put away by then and with the action away from me.)  In this game I covered 3.85 miles.  I am interested in a true center.  My best guess is I would have cleared 5.5 miles as a true center in this same game. 

Well I will start posting this in the future with certain game reports but I think this watch is going to work out and hopefully be helpful in determining work rate and fitness level.