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Crazy fan comments

October 7, 2008

Working games on college campuses adds another level to the heckling from the sideline.  This past weekend I had them heckle me, the other team and even their own team a little.  It was hard not to laugh at times but you can’t.  They even caught me smiling once at one of their jokes in the last moments of a game this weekend. 

At a division 1 women’s match this past weekend the fans proved to be the least educated soccer fans of all.  We got the classic “Call it both ways”, “Open your eyes”, “Are you kidding with that call” and not to be missed with “your missing a great game”.  Come on folks we have heard all of these.  We hear these at U12 games.  If your going to be a quality crowd your going to have to raise you level of heckling with something a little more witty. 

One of the best yells I heard this weekend was from a student girl in her hooters work uniform during the men’s game.  “Hey keep your hands off of him, we know he is hot but he is all ours….”. Another peach was when a visiting player lifted his shirt up to wipe his face off from mud he reviled that he had a Velcro strapping around his rib cage to help with an injury.  His biggest mistake was doing this in front of the student area.  “Hey nice girdle, it is very slimming…”

The visiting women’s team who after their match was watching the men’s match made the mistake of yelling out on a hard foul all at once HEY at the center.  But it more or less sounded like “Aaaaaaaaaa”.  The home student section ran with that for a good 3-4 minutes with “Hey Fonzie….Aaaaaaaa” giving the double thumbs up sign from the weist height.  Classic….these kids even knew who Fonzie was…..