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Not in it for the money?

September 24, 2008

Alright I know we are not in it for the money …..right?  We are not suppose to care about our pay and if we do, we are just jerks.  Well every now and then it does matter.  It especially matters to my wife…..

Well we get the blast email from the local youth assignor yesterday about how there is not enough referees for toady’s games.  Well I had blocked myself out from high school because I had a meeting going to 5pm for work.  So needless to say I could work one of the youth rec games that starts at 6:30pm as an AR.  I emailed back saying great I will help out.  I get assigned to this game and then realize the pay for this game as AR is $10….

The $10 will hardly cover the gas to get there. This was frustrating.  BUT if I say something I will be the jerk that is in it for the money…The problem is it leaves me weighing if $10 is worth not hanging out with my son for the evening….What do you guys think?


Payday for Referees

June 24, 2008

Last week I was reading Columbus Soccer Referee (CSR) who is currently working at Regionals is blogging it all week long…He was writing about still waiting on a paycheck from a tournament worked a month ago.  It was ironically close an email I had received saying we would be getting our season paychecks soon since last Wednesday our association treasure was meeting with the president to sign checks.  It got me thinking when was the last league game and why does it take so long….So here are some facts around the timing for my area…

  • Last regular season game was May the 3rd.
  • My last regular season game was May the 1st.
  • We were told in Feb. we would have check before regionals (hopefully long before regionals).
  • Region IV Regionals ended this past Sunday
  • Last Wednesday we were told (and I quote) “For everyone waiting for regular season and State Cup checks, I have been advised that the SWISRA President and Treasurer will be meeting Wednesday evening to sign checks…..For the Fall, we are looking into a new payment system that will get everyone there money much quicker.”
  • The second half was promised for the spring last Dec.
  • As of today the 24th still no check.

So this leads me to ask….How do other area’s handle paying you for regular season games????