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To color red or not….

October 10, 2008

Last night I had a rare USSF U15 girls match for me.  (I have been 90%in NISOA and High School this fall)  I am late in the game with about 13 minutes left and the score is 4-1.  One of the forwards #25 for the winning team has not scored yet and you can tell she is really pressing to get a goal.  I have called two fouls on her in the last 5 minutes where she was simply push the defender off the ball to try and get to the goal.  She has lost her patients at this point in the game. 

She is dribbling hard towards the goal and takes a long dribble.  The smart sweeper came through and cleaned that ball up and with her third touch cleared it out of the back field.  Well after the ball is gone here come #25 in hard and slides into the sweeper who just finished clearing the ball, taking out the defender.  I hit the whistle hard and instantly went to the yellow card.  She says nothing, she knew it was coming.

From this point forward I could hear her chirping about every little touch with an opponent or call I made.  Finally there was a play where two players were battling for the ball, both bumping so I let the play go on.  She starts yelling behind me to call it.  Finally the forward for the losing team gets her elbow up cleans the defender out of her way which I quickly called.  Once I made the call I turned directly to #25 and said “no more, I don’t want to hear it.”  She responds “Then call it both ways”.  (Yep I should have tossed out the second yellow and said good bye) I simply returned my closest “look of death” that I have in my bag of tricks.  Well with 30 seconds left in the game she get a long ball and heads to goal.  My AR raises his flag for offsides and I hit the whistle.  She turns throws her hands up in the and says “You have got to be kidding”.  Their team captain is standing next to me at this point and I look at her and said “get control of her because I am working hard to keep her in this game.”  The captain jumped to action and quited her down. 

Once the game was over the head coach came over to grab his team cards from me and I mentioned to him that she started talking to me after she got the yellow and it took a lot to keep her in the game.  He looks at me and says “thanks I appreciate it but next time please toss her, she won’t figure it out until she gets the red.  That is why I left her out there was to get the red.  She hasn’t grasped it yet with me talking to her…” 

WOW…..OK two things I went through in my head.  1. YES second game this week I failed to pull the red when I probably should have.  When the coach is asking for the red on his own player that is a sign I should have tossed out a red.  2.  So this coach has a problem player and he just lets her play on????

Great game other then that.  Ran 1.5 in first half (one sided half with losing team against a wind) and 2.2 in the second half.  I didn’t wear the heart rate monitor. 

I have an over 30 match tonight with a U14 boys game at 9am in the morning followed by the 5A girls quarter final game.  Both centers.  I will update on Sunday on a much needed day off.


BIG time high school game….

October 7, 2008

What a game I had last night….

I wasn’t suppose to have the game but it all fell into place.  I had blocked my calendar simply because I knew I would be sore from the NCAA games over the weekend.  Well Sunday evening a begging email was sent out requesting us to look at our calendars and see if we could open for Monday night.  I opened up my calendar and sure enough I got assigned the top 5A girls match for the evening.  This game had all kinds of impact on the conference standing heading into the district tournament this weekend. 

Well the game started out on fire.  4 minutes into the game the home teams forward broke through on a ball from over the top.  (Oh crap I had about a 70 yard sprint to stay on top of that play).  Sure enough the defender got ahold of her jersey about 5 yards before the box but the forward was strong enough to pull the defender along.  The defender got the better of the battle about 7 yards later and brought the forward down about 2 yards inside the box.  I went right to the PK spot on a hard blown whistle.  The goalie who is also a young official started pleading that it was outside the box.  The PK was made with easy.  Oh did I mention that I TOTALLY HOSED it though because it was obvious DOGSO and I didn’t even pull a card.  I could have kicked my own ass for that one.  No one complained but I should of had instantly went there.  (it actually hit me about 2 seconds after the PK was shot that I should of gone DOGSO).

About 5 minutes left in the 1st half the home team scored a second goal.  This seemed to calm the game down for a little while.  Well with 15 minutes left in the game there was a simple obstruction call directly in front of the visitors bench against the home team.  The home player kicked the ball away after I just warned her about it.  So I quickly flashed the yellow but that always sucks to flash a yellow as the coach who is 5 feet way is demanding the yellow.  Well this ball was played across the box with the visiting team forward taking a huge push in the back.  I hit my whistle and thank goodness my AR who was really close raised his flag on it as well.  I was about 4 yards inside the box.  They hit the pk with ease.  So yeah now it is 2-1 with both teams scoring off of PK’s. 

The next 15 minutes was a serious pounding match with the visitors pushing every ball forward with long 40 yard clears and the home team really trying to hold possesion deep into the corner.  I ran almost 2 miles in just the last 15 minutes of the half.  I gave out 3 more yellows in the last 15 minutes as well. 

Well it ended 2-1 but it was one of the most challenging games I have had in sometime.  It was also the best game I have had in the center this season. 

Crazy fan comments

October 7, 2008

Working games on college campuses adds another level to the heckling from the sideline.  This past weekend I had them heckle me, the other team and even their own team a little.  It was hard not to laugh at times but you can’t.  They even caught me smiling once at one of their jokes in the last moments of a game this weekend. 

At a division 1 women’s match this past weekend the fans proved to be the least educated soccer fans of all.  We got the classic “Call it both ways”, “Open your eyes”, “Are you kidding with that call” and not to be missed with “your missing a great game”.  Come on folks we have heard all of these.  We hear these at U12 games.  If your going to be a quality crowd your going to have to raise you level of heckling with something a little more witty. 

One of the best yells I heard this weekend was from a student girl in her hooters work uniform during the men’s game.  “Hey keep your hands off of him, we know he is hot but he is all ours….”. Another peach was when a visiting player lifted his shirt up to wipe his face off from mud he reviled that he had a Velcro strapping around his rib cage to help with an injury.  His biggest mistake was doing this in front of the student area.  “Hey nice girdle, it is very slimming…”

The visiting women’s team who after their match was watching the men’s match made the mistake of yelling out on a hard foul all at once HEY at the center.  But it more or less sounded like “Aaaaaaaaaa”.  The home student section ran with that for a good 3-4 minutes with “Hey Fonzie….Aaaaaaaa” giving the double thumbs up sign from the weist height.  Classic….these kids even knew who Fonzie was…..

back to school…..

October 5, 2008

What a weekend…..The weekend started for me on Thursday evening with a NAIA women’s game.  This game was uneventful for the most part with a 4-1 victory.  The most lively part of the night was pregame when I called the center and AR1 to see where they were at with 13 minutes left on the pregame clock.  They made it on time stuck in traffic and we started on time so it was no big deal.  All of us had worked together several times so no really big pregame needed.  Actually the pregame was “don’t fu#* up”.  Everything was great in the game. 

The next day I had to take a half day from work to jump in the car with another official and drive 3 1/2 hours over to do a D1 women’s match.  The home team had lost two in a row on the road 6-0 and 6-0 (the schools two biggest loses ever) so we thought they might come out a little pissed off and playing a little higher level game, which they did.  This was a great game.  We went through double overtime with 0-0 game.  Both teams rattled the posts twice each and played tough.  Some how we got the game in between lighting storms and played uninterrupted with no rain.  The center on the game called a great game I thought.  I was really pleased with how the 4 of us worked for the night.  My partner and I jumped in the car to drive home that night through storms so we could work our games the next day.  7 hours for 2 hours of soccer….I loved every minute of it actually….

Saturday-  I was feeling really good in the morning physically.  On the schedule for the day was two more NAIA games.  The first was the woman’s team followed by the men’steams.  Both games with the same two schools.  Well the field is down in this bowl on the campus and we got about 1/2 inch + of rain the night before.  When we pulled up they were throwing dirt on the center field after trying to clear all of the standing water.  The field was in OK shape considering the amount of rain we decided as we walked the field.  We went into the locker room to change and a guy walked in looking like he had just got out of the shower but in his cloths.  I gave him a funny look and he said it was dumping outside…..We hustled and got dressed and went out side to a complete downpour with a lot of lighting….The game got postponed about 30 minutes and the field was now a complete mess.  Standing water and shoe covering mud. 

With about 3 minutes left in the first half we had a big storm roll in.  We made it to half time and the storm hit with more lighting then I had seen for sometime.  This storm brought even more rain then the first.  This one rained for a good hour with lighting the whole time.  This delayed the game close to an hour and half. After a wait we got back on the field and played on.  This game ended up getting tied up and went on into double overtime with a tie of 1-1 as a final.  The game turned out to be really poor soccer in general.  I have worked 5A girls games this year that have had higher level soccer but I think the field and weather played a huge role in the game. 

Game 2-  time for the men’s game.  We put 5 minutes on the board for warm up’s because now we were concerned with daylight.  It rained on us more but no lighting and the field stayed nasty.  I was covered with mud by the end and the home team in white shorts and white tops were not even close to white by the end.  Home team did end up winning 3-0.  One goal in this match was one of the best shots I have seen in years.  It was a rip from 35 yards out to the upper v that keeper got worked on it.  The coach for the visitors was the same coach for both teams and by the second half he had really wore thin on us.  It is hard to clean the slate off for him with 5 minutes between games for the next team.  Especially when in the womens game he yells out that he is getting homered…   We end the men’s game with 5 yellows and no reds.  At half if you would have asked I would have said there was going to be a red for sure but the score kind of helped calm things down. 

Well my legs are a little sore but nothing that bad.  I will write about the crowd this week at all three sites.  They are worth their own write up.

Rec Game

September 25, 2008

Well as I mentioned yesterday I took a U14 boys rec game last night.  Both teams had 9 players there until about 2 minutes before the game.  I was working with a 15-16 year old AR and the center was probably 22 years old but this was his first season refereeing.  The game was difficult to watch at times but worse was standing on the side with the parents.  If the sentence didn’t include “boot it” or “Nice boot” it was best not to open your mouth as a parent on that sideline. 

Yes this game was worth a grand $10.  BUT it did have two big upsides I decided.  1. I helped out my assignor who was in a pinch and that is always good.  My assignor is the type that remembers that and will help me when I need game count for example.  2. I got to work with new young officials who wanted to learn asked questions.

The center from the moment I walked up to the field was watching everything I did to prep for this game.  he asked for example why I was putting on two watches….His pregame was “do you guys have any questions”…I asked a couple simple questions more or less for my personal understanding of what we had in the center.  He then asked me how I work my pregame.  I explained the level of the game directs the pregame but I covered the basics. 

At half time he wanted to know how it looked.  We discussed a PK he called.  (for the record there was no way any day I would have called this PK but I didn’t bring that part up.)  I explained to him my problem with the PK call was how he called it.  Weak whistle, hesitation, look around, and then kind of pointed at the pk mark.  He basically showed no confidence on his call. I explained he lost the call in the way he called it.  I also mentioned to him to call something in the box he really needed to be in a better spot to call it.  He had no angle an assumed a foul happened when a guy went down.  He was very receptive to the conversation. 

Over all I need to back track a little from what I said yesterday.  I really don’t mind working these games if the intent is to help young officials, hell I might even kick the $10 back into the pool to help these young officials show up with correct uniforms.  What I guess I really have an issue with is the league sending out mass emails riddled with guilt about uncovered games and how officials need to be professional and step up and cover all games.  It’s not the officials fault you don’t pay well…give them a better reason to work these games then just $10.

Not in it for the money?

September 24, 2008

Alright I know we are not in it for the money …..right?  We are not suppose to care about our pay and if we do, we are just jerks.  Well every now and then it does matter.  It especially matters to my wife…..

Well we get the blast email from the local youth assignor yesterday about how there is not enough referees for toady’s games.  Well I had blocked myself out from high school because I had a meeting going to 5pm for work.  So needless to say I could work one of the youth rec games that starts at 6:30pm as an AR.  I emailed back saying great I will help out.  I get assigned to this game and then realize the pay for this game as AR is $10….

The $10 will hardly cover the gas to get there. This was frustrating.  BUT if I say something I will be the jerk that is in it for the money…The problem is it leaves me weighing if $10 is worth not hanging out with my son for the evening….What do you guys think?

classic bitching

September 18, 2008

Last night I was on the line for a 5A girls game.  Prior to the game we discussed how much one of the coaches likes to bitch and since I was AR1 I was assigned the task of keeping him quite.  (He was not the coach directly behind me so it was a little more difficult. ) 

He was decent through the game standing up and arguing about a corner that was given instead of what he felt was a goal kick.  (The coach was no more then 75 yards away he might of had a good look at it, who knows.)  So with about a minute and half left in the game the coaches team is down 3-0 and looking bad.  One of her players gets hit hard after the ball is gone and the takes a little extra shot while on the ground from the girl that fouled her.  The center lets play go on with a clear advantage but about 10 second later with a dead ball he signals to stop play and goes back and cards the girl that came in late and hard (keep in mind the girl does not play for the coach that loves to complain)  In high school you have to go let the coach for the team that received the card know what the card was for.  The center comes over to do so and and the coach who’s team received the card says nothing just nods in agreement.  The coach that loves to complain and player didn’t get the card stands up and starts to bitch “It is the 90th minute what is the point to that card.  You are a waste of our time.”  The center gives me a look to quite him down.  I turn to the coach and simply say “40 minute halves coach, we are in the 80th minute…”  My center busted up laughing and the coach shut up….

Sun valley

August 23, 2008

So i promised forever ago to post about my tournament in Sun Valley…So lets start with why I haven’t posted…..Well I have basically two weeks off this year from refereeing since now soccer is rolling right into basketball this fall and vise verse in the spring.  So I took my two weeks off.  I also took a little vacation with my wife to celebrate our 10 year anniversary…It was great but I am not sure about your work but mine is always crazy when ever I am trying to get vacation time and so I have been working like mad around my vacation time. 

Well lets start with the trip there.  6 of us meet at Dean’s house (Dean is a national referee here in Boise who has been the ref. crew leader for this tournament for the last 20 years but is passing it off this year). The 6 of us jumped in my SUV and head out.  Before we made it to the freeway I was crying I was laughing so hard at the jokes there were flying…..

We got there and hooked up with the 3 officials form the other side of the state for dinner and a quick meeting.  We discussed how this tournament was different then others with the players.  First off it is a “beer league adult tournament” as it was put me.  The players are going to have plenty of descent.  Feel free to give crap back to them but leave your cards in pocket unless it is for hard play on the field.  We planned on covering all games with 3 man crews, which meant all of us were going to have a lot of games.  We were put up in a condo by the tournament.  We got to the condo to see it was for sell.  2600 sft condo along the whitetail ski resort, asking price 1.6 million.  Let me know if your interested. 

Lets mention the crew for a minute. Robbie national candidate from Boise, who is taking over the lead position for the ref crew at this tournament from Dean moving forward.  Jim should be applying for national candidate this next year.  Mark national referee. Drew and Jason both 7’s moving to 6 this next year.  Chris a 7, and Ethan an 8 and more importantly only 18 (couldn’t drink with us) who saved us when we had a late cancel. 

The next morning we all went down to breakfast together where Robbie () broke out our schedule to us.  Yep I had 6 games day one.  4 AR’s and 2 centers. 

First game with about 10 minutes in I was told to pull my head out of my ass and watch the game by a goalkeeper.  typically this would have been an issue but not at this tournament.  I simply replied that if he could make a save we wouldn’t have to have this conversation….It shut him up quickly.  Each game there was more of this but all in good nature.  The last game of the day was what is called the “Beer Game”.  There were a few kegs of beer at the fields now and a big BBQ going on while the last game was going on.  Everyone from the tournament was there watching the game with beer in hand heckling and having fun.  This was actually my first game off for the day (11 hours after I started) but since I was rookie I was responsible for making sure fresh beers were there for the crew as soon as they stepped off the field at the end.  It was the end of a outstanding day.

That night we went out for a great steak dinner and a few drinks.  I was dehydrated so I naturally attempted to combat this with lots off beer.  it didn’t work out but I was still doing good.  Sunday morning I was sore but found out at breakfast I only had to cover 3 games including one of the two championships.  Well we got off the field about 4pm that afternoon and decided to head over to “Grumpys” for a burger before hitting the road.  Well the ladies host team was there and stood up and gave us a stand ovation as we walked in.  (How damn cool is that.)  Next thing we knew they had beers in front of all us to shotgun with them.  They were really cool and had nothing but praise for us.  I have never finished a weekend of refereeing feeling so damn good. 

What a good time…..

Heart Rate

August 1, 2008

So this weekend I am working probably 9+ games it sounds like and I plan  on looking like “The Watch Man”.  I typically wear two watches during games.  This weekend I plan on wearing my two watches and my Pulse Heart Rate Monitor.  I am wondering what my high will be and the average.  I wear this device all of the time while out on my runs.  I am guessing my HR will go up as I do more games. 

I will post the results on here next week along with my diet for the day and see how that effects my hr.

Refereeing and Beer!

July 31, 2008

Well this weekend I got the invite to travel along with a great group of officials to an adult tournament in Sun Valley Idaho.  The referee crew includes national referees and national canidates along with several state officials.  (What I am saying is the crew going all are at a high level which will be great, of course I am the rookie in the bunch)  There is several of us jumping in a car and making the 2.5 hour trip up there to have some fun.  My understanding is that Friday night is rather calm and collected because we have 8am games the next day.  BUT Saturday night after a long day of refereeing (I have been told to expect 6 games) the drinking begins and our only goal is to be a little less hung over then the players the next day…..

The elevation of the fields is right about 5,821 feet.  Uh that will have it’s effects I think around game 5. 

I can hardly wait….